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From the makers of Time Run, comes a brand new format of immersive escape room that you can play in your own home.


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introducing spectre & vox


Set in the world of Spectre and Vox in 1893, this exciting 3D table-top adventure game combines lights, sound and interactive storytelling for you to solve your own immersive mystery.


Follow the escapades of Spectre and Vox, an Edwardian paranormal agency, from the 1800s all the way to the present day. 


Discover the world of Spectre & Vox


what is the game


Our first product is a fantastic, escape room home experience: a large scale escape room set which will dominate your dining table, replete with lights, and interactive audio.


Open up your wooden chest to uncover a perfect replica of a haunted house from deep within the Spectre & Vox archives. Once assembled, download the app and input your password to activate the case file and lose yourself in your own escape room adventure. 


As the story unfolds through audio files, touchpoints and immersive soundscapes, explore the rooms and use the props.


Apply your best detective and puzzle-solving skills to plot your route through this epic thriller and finally solve the mystery.

what next?

Spectre & Vox is available exclusively on Kickstarter until the 19th of November!

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